• Dimensions of the earrings are approximately 1.25x1.25'' and are 1/16'' thick.
  • Included with each pair of earrings is a jewelry box wrapped in a leaf ribbon and a care instructions card with my contact information. Earrings will be placed in the wrapped jewelry box and shipped in a secondary shipping box along with the included contents.
  • Each jewelry design is original artwork unique to Claire Lorts Designs. I aim to incorporate a diverse range of styles and interests in my jewelry designs that lend to unique yet elegant individualism and self-expression. I especially love combining opposites such as sharp confident edges with soft curves into a single design. I find inspiration from many things, but most often I find my design inspiration through conceptual geometric patterns with movement and meaning often found in nature and abstract art.
  • My designs are cut out with my personal laser cutter using natural, solid, untreated wood.
  • Since I have a large variety of stones, options are based on color preference and the specific stone(s) will be selected based on the earring design. I carry a number of natural stones, recycled glass (which looks like sea glass), glass beads, and shells. If you have a specific stone or bead that you are interested in, please send me an email or message with your request!

Octagonal Triangle Earrings