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My jewelry is centered around an aesthetic of contemporary design, focusing on dynamic minimalist forms with fluid geometry that collectively motivates a sense of awe and balance among asymmetrical forms. I am inspired by the sequential movement of a dancer, the process of emotion and influence felt by music, and the kinetic shapes of the natural world that evoke our imaginative senses. These are all connected and similar in the way they affect our emotions through an aesthetically pleasing progression of movement across our senses and can come together to create beautiful forms. I strive to capture this concept in my jewelry.

Wood is a fantastic medium for earrings and necklaces! Wooden jewelry is extremely lightweight, compliments all skin tones and hair colors, can be worn with a range of looks from chic and elegant to boho-casual, offers a diversity of natural wood colors, and is not cold to the touch like metal jewelry on those cold winter days! 

All of my wooden jewelry designs are original. As laser cutters become more popular, many wooden earrings on the market and at shows are not designed by the seller and are instead free designs found online or purchased design files. I take pride in my designs, and owners of my pieces can be assured that their jewelry are unique!

I offer a variety of natural stone, glass, crystal, and shell bead and stud earring center options which is an uncommon addition to wooden jewelry. 

Find my wooden jewelry at my studio (please feel free to contact me to make an appointment!) and at my Etsy Shop

This piece about my wooden jewelry, process, and background was graciously made by the talented producers at our local PBS station, WPSU!

More About my Wooden Jewelry

I cut and polish my own stones using lapidary techniques, and use each stone's unique characteristics to design a sterling silver setting that enhances the stone's existing features. My necklaces often focus on rare, historically significant, repurposed and unusual materials that have an intriguing story to tell including Pennsylvania Slag Stones from 19th century iron furnaces, and Fordite from overspray paint buildup in automotive factories. 

I personally find every slag piece within the earth then cut, shape, and polish each using lapidary techniques. Learn more about my process and PA slag stones here.

New pieces are posted on Instagram. Please Contact me regarding inquiries. Jewelry will also be available at in-person Shows.