Claire Lorts Designs

Sterling Silver Jewelry | Contemporary Design

My jewelry is centered around an aesthetic of contemporary design that focuses on dynamic minimalist forms with fluid lines that collectively motivates a sense of awe and balance among asymmetrical forms. I am inspired by the meaningful sequences of a dancer, the process of emotion and story felt by music, and the kinetic shapes of the natural world that evokes our imaginative senses. These are all connected and similar in the often mysterious way they affect our emotions through aesthetically pleasing movement and changes of movement across our senses, and can come together to create beautiful forms. I strive to capture this concept in my jewelry.

My necklaces often focus on rare, historically significant, repurposed and unusual materials that have an intriguing story to tell including Pennsylvania Slag Stones from 19th century iron furnaces, and Fordite from overspray paint buildup in automotive factories. I personally find every slag piece within the earth then cut, shape, and polish each using lapidary techniques. Learn more about my process here.

New pieces will be posted for sale on my website Shop page, and additional photographs and videos of new pieces will be available on my Instagram page. Jewelry will also be available at in-person Shows.